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We offer three types of CCTV Systems, for multiple market applications.


The CCTV Industry has now started to fully embrace the benefits of IP CCTV systems, recognising their increased power and flexibilty and truly understand how and where to apply the variety of Cameras and recording options.



Instead of using a customers existing IT Infrastructure, IP systems are now designed by installing our own IT network, using Cat5e/6 Cabling and Switches etc.



Where an existing CCTV system is already installed using traditional coaxial cabling, the benefits of a HD CCTV can be applied, giving HD Quality 1080p recording and vision without the need to redesign or recable.



All of our systems come with the flexibility of being Network enabled, so that control and observation can be achieved remotely, from anywhere in the world by smartphone, tablet or PC



We currently supply, install, maintain systems for the public, commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential sectors.


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