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Smokecloak is an electronic security device which is connected to the intruder alarm system.


When activated, it will produce a large volume of harmless. dense white vapour which gives the appearance of fog or smoke.


It is designed to completely fill the area being protected by reducing visibility within 60 seconds to less than 30 cm. The density of the vapour is then automatically regulated for a pre-determined period or until the alarm is switched off.


If you have been unfortunate to suffer a high level of burglaries at your property or if you hold valuable stock you may benefit from installing this system.


Some insurers now specify Smoke cloak for high risk properties and those who have been repeatedly targeted by thieves.


As registered installers we can survey your property and install a bespoke system to ensure maximum cover for your stock and building.


For more Information, please contact us


or visit the Smokcloak website for video information and equipoment demonstration by clicking on the logo below.

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